Rubbish Chute Cleaning


High Rise offices and residential blocks are becoming the norm in most towns and cities these days. What you may not know that, whilst rubbish chutes are standard in most American buildings it is a relatively new concept for the UK.

Due to the design of these chutes it can make it difficult to keep them clean and hygienic. This obviously is a major issue for most new builder as it is a hot topic around the globe.

As these chutes are in constent use and have to cope with large quantites of waste it is important to keep them clean as in-proper maintance can lead to blockages and unpleasant odours. On top of this deposits on the side of the chutes can also entice pests and infestations. These are problems no Building Manager wants to encounter.

To ensure that none of this happens the chutes need regular cleaning. CleanHOLMES offer a cost effective expert refuse chute cleaning and disinfection service that utilises advanced equipment and chemicals to ensure all aspects of the chute are fully cleaned, disinfected and sanitized. This process ensures all unpleasant odours and bacteria are totally eliminated with minimal disruption to your premises.

The key benefits to Refuse Chute Cleaning are:

  • Reduces risk of blockages
  • Eliminates unpleasant odours and bacteria
  • Improves and maintains hygiene standard of waste chute

CleanHOLMES also provides an advanced bin store cleaning and disinfection service to fully ensure your waste disposal procedure is clean and hygienic.

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